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What is it Start-up leadership?

We know that the skills a leader and team need during a start up phase are different from the skills they need when working in a stable organisation. Why take our word for it?

Because we have worked closely with over 50 startups and hundreds of start up leaders in understanding their challenges, realities, expectations and therefore their learning needs.

Through this experience, we have continued to challenge conventional ways of training – to create a leadership development solution that is tailored for the startup leaders and teams.

While most start-ups focus on functional aspects of running a business, they underestimate and under-invest in Leadership Development. Our leadership offerings for start-up leaders are tailored to their unique needs and challenges, and enable them to 10x their growth by unleashing their leadership potential.

Our Startup Leadership program is designed to help entrepreneurs, startup founders and start up managers build the skills they need to lead their companies through the early stages of growth and create a foundation for long-term success. Our program is grounded in the unique challenges and opportunities of startup culture, built on transformational methodologies and tech-enabled learning, and led by experienced coaches and facilitators who bring a wealth of experience and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Who is Startup Leadership For?

If you are a company that is a startup in the truest sense, or youre a company that’s been around for a while but is still running as a startup, this is for you!

We offer an easy-to-implement and budget-friendly approach to startup leadership development that covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • Building effective teams and managing talent
  • Developing a clear vision and strategy for your company
  • Influencing & storytelling skills to sell and position your start up
  • Managing growth, change agility and building resilience
  • Communicating and building relationships with key stakeholders

Our program is designed to be flexible and adaptive, so you can focus on the areas that are most important to your company’s growth and success. Whether you’re a new startup founder looking for guidance on how to build your team and secure funding, or a start up leadership team seeking to refine your leadership style and develop new skills, our program will provide you with the tools, strategies, and support you need to achieve your desired outcomes.

How Does Start-up leadership Works?

Within our Startup Leadership development program we offer two customised programs

Founder to CEO

Data demonstrates that venture funders replace 20 – 40% of their founders with more seasoned “professional” managers at important transition moments in a startup’s growth.

Shedding the Founder Mentality to embrace a CEO mindset can be overwhelming but is critical to evolve from a “comfortably chaotic start-up” to an effective organisation.

This is why we created “From Founder to CEO” – a one-of-a-kind, individually customised Founder Development program. This program will help Founders develop skills in 5 key areas crucial to leap-frog their leadership capabilities.

Each skill session is followed by a personal coaching session that integrate personal goals of the Founder to ensure effective implementation

Duration: 10 weeks
Methodology: 1-0-1 | 1 hr each session.

Next Gen Startup leaders

Growth-stage founding teams hit the ground running and much of their learning of leadership is on the ground. Further, mature start-ups are able to hire the best talent but often struggle for synergy between their A-team. An increasingly younger demographic of leaders also means they may lack the experience necessary for leading people and adapting to the changing needs of the business.

Enter “Next Gen Start-Up Leaders” – a highly customised ‘Persona’ & ‘Readiness’ based Leadership Development Program for start-up leaders. Designed as group sessions, this program enables leaders to gain mastery at 3 levels – self, people and leadership.

Duration: 5 weeks
Methodology: Live Group sessions (virtual or in-person) | 2.5 hrs each workshops | 1 hr for group coaching

Both these programs are grounded in a unique methodology that emphasises Personal Excellence, Interpersonal Excellence, and Leadership Excellence. This framework is designed to help startup founders and entrepreneurs build the skills they need to lead their companies through the early stages of growth and create a foundation for long-term success.


  • Development of a clear vision and strategy for your startup
  • Unlearn and Develop leadership and managerial skills required at your start up
  • Greater ability to navigate the challenges and opportunities of startup culture
  • Improved self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • Enhanced interpersonal skills, including communication, collaboration, and trust-building
  • Greater resilience and ability to manage stress and uncertainty
  • Enhanced decision-making skills
  • Increased innovation and creativity within your organisation
  • A foundation for long-term success and growth for your startup.

Why Choose TransforMe for Startup Leadership Development

We understand the startup hustle mode. We understand the bias for action. We understand the challenges of decision-making with limited resources. We understand the need for process and the fear of killing innovation. We understand how challenging aligning a team can be.

We understand because TransforMe has been the chosen partner for more than 50 startups and hundreds of start up leaders in helping them learn and master the leadership skills their startup requires.

Through this experience, we have continued to challenge conventional ways of training – to create a leadership development solution that is tailored for the startup leaders and teams.

We also know that each startup will have some common challenges, but will also have its own unique realities. Therefore, our Startup Leadership Development programs are completely customised to each client.

When you partner with TransforMe for your Startup Leadership Development needs, you can be assured that you are working with a team that understands how different startup realities can be and have helped hundreds of startup leaders become successful.

Here is what we bring to the table:
  • Relevant Experience
  • High Impact
  • Results Driven
  • Identified Themes
  • Best Practices
  • Easy Implementation
  • Budget Friendly
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