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What is Women leadership?

TransforMe is committed to empowering and enabling women professionals. Born out of a deep frustration with the situation and real passion to make a difference, our evolve program for women professionals is the brainchild of our co-founder, Sandra.

We saw that standard programs very often fail to address the realities of women professionals, and therefore build only awareness, not change. We took this task upon ourselves to build something that truly empowers and enables women professionals in a way that can be measured.

While we were still designing the program many years back, we are fortunate that two of our clients — United Nations and Google — reached out to us,with an intent for us to co-create a customised women professionals program for them. It was destiny.

Creating these programs for them gave us access to rich research backed information, laying a strong foundation of relevance to the program. The first versions of Evolve were specifically designed for these clients, and today, many years on, the Evolve program continues to evolve and transform the lives of hundreds of women professionals.

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Who is Women Leadership For?

Solving for the gender imbalance, inclusion and inequity is a journey the entire world is on together – and each community and company is at a different stage of this journey.

While the truth remains that a lot needs to be done at a societal and community level, do we wait for everyone to understand, appreciate and take action to promote inclusion and equity? Or can we start enabling and empowering women professionals so that they are better equipped to drive this change?

This has been our approach at TransforMe.

Any organisation looking to develop small or large groups of women professionals into leaders, managers, and vital role players in their community will benefit from Evolve Women Leadership Training. Whether you intend to run this program as part of your commitment to Diversity & Inclusion initiatives or otherwise, you will find that Evolve will help you meet your goals.

We’ve served clients ranging from Google to WeWork as they’ve sought to empower hundreds of their women team members into effective leaders and managers, resulting in measurable transformations and universal acclaim.

We have built the Evolve program framework across three tracks, to address the needs of women professionals at three different career levels: Emerging Managers/Individual Contributors, Mid Level Managers, and Senior Executives.

How Does Women leadership Works?

This program is designed with three distinct areas of focus: Personal Excellence, Interpersonal Excellence, and Leadership Excellence. And while we offer recommended journey frameworks for each level/track, the Evolve program is fully customised for each client. That means the specific topics, durations and methods for each client will vary based on your needs.

The entire program is built as a journey, with an effective and relevant blend of methodologies including workshops, group coaching, TransforMe labs, action learning projects, self learn modules, pre and post assessment, gamified simulations and more.

An important part of the journey is how we involve the rest of the organisation — men and women — to build awareness and allyship throughout the journey.

As the foundational element of the Evolve framework, and true to TransforMe’s “Inside-out” approach to transformation, the journey starts with looking within and making shifts at an individual level.

Our research shows us that one of the biggest obstacles to growth has to do with mindsets. We identified 6 mind traps that impact women professionals more than their male counterparts. This resulted in the launch workshop of this phase – Mindset to Mindflex – enabling women to work through these 6 mind traps through an impactful process.

From there we move to developing Courageous Presence, looking at the Big Picture and Finding Balance.

As we continued our research and development for this program, we became aware of realities such as “The double-bind dilemma” which are so unique to women professionals. In a nutshell: when a man asserts his views (voice tone, choice of words, body language, forceful expression), he is perceived as strong and confident. However, a woman who does the same may be perceived as “bossy” or “too strict.” 

To solve for these realities, we’ve created workshops, coaching circles, self-learn modules and action learning projects on aspects of influencing without authority, impactful storytelling, building partnerships, and feedback loops.

With a key focus on unleashing leadership potential at each level, the Evolve framework culminates in Leadership Excellence. Here, women develop Authentic Leadership while Cultivating Resilience. They find the power and courage to take on Challenging Conversations, all while finding out what it means to be constantly Building a Brand.

These subjects are explored through powerful simulations, thought provoking workshops, coaching circles and a TransforMe lab experience.

The entire Evolve model is enabled by a series of supporting frameworks, including an online community, self-assessments, simulations, lab sessions, online self-learning, small group workshops, coaching circles and individual coaching.


  • Helps you Reach your diversity goals in a meaningful way, rather than as a ‘check-box’ exercise
  • Increases your women professional leaders pipeline
  • Builds internal communities of women who champion each other
  • Creates a safe space for women professionals to explore, challenge, practice, and evolve

Why Choose TransforMe for Women Leadership Development

Women aren’t a box to check, and investing in their development should never be a check-box exercise. At TransforMe, we know that flavour-of-the-month content and recorded learning modules aren’t enough to drive real change for women leaders.

To release the true potential of women’s talent, you need a transformational learning program that brings women through an inside-out journey to bring about real behavioural shifts.

Our Evolve journey is rooted in real research and designed using pattern-breaking methodologies that have been proven to be transformational for women in a range of roles and industries. It empowers women to reflect deeply, share openly, and grow collectively to emerge as role models for other women — within their organisation and beyond.

TransforMe’s Evolve women leadership development program is built on the idea that every woman can become the best version of herself and discover that she’s not alone in her career and personal journey.

Satya Raghavan
I am thrilled to be a part of the Evolve program - a signature program within Google that focuses on women managers and future women leaders. It has been a pleasure to work with everyone involved in this program from TransforMe. I have worked with several companies that provide capability-building programs, but the human touch that all of you brought to the table is something that I truly appreciate. Thank you for making a difference, and we look forward to another successful year of the Evolve program.
Sathi Aich Dharap
This program has been instrumental in helping me reflect on my leadership style, improve my techniques, and build meaningful relationships with other women leaders. One session that stood out to me was Courageous Presence, where I learned valuable techniques to claim my space and confidently speak up in crowded work environments. Being part of the organizing this global program at GEP allowed me to strengthen my involvement in our company's diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts. It was a rewarding experience to contribute in creating an environment that supports and empowers women leaders. Overall, my journey in the Evolve program has been wonderful. I have learned so much and gained valuable insights that have positively impacted my professional growth. I am grateful for this opportunity and look forward to applying what I have learned in my leadership role at GEP.
Megha Agarwal
The widespread discussion around women in business and leadership is a testament to the relevance and effectiveness of programs such as TransforMe's Evolve. Personally, being part of a group of women who faced similar challenges and biases at work and home was an eye-opening experience that helped me realize I was not alone in my journey. Sharing stories with these women helped me feel connected and broke down myths and biases. One important lesson I learned from this program was to never settle for less than what I'm worth. Remember, you must be the change you want to see in the world.
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