What We Do

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Our belief that we can enable people to make transformational shifts in their skills, behaviors and attitudes has prompted us to narrow our focus towards specific areas where we believe we bring the most value.

We offer customized learning interventions for organizations, across our Three Practice Areas:

  1. Leadership Interventions
  2. Interpersonal Skills Training
  3. Coaching – Life & Leadership

Leadership Interventions

The realities of today’s world are fast changing – and that is especially true for the emerging Leaders and the Leaders of Today.

With all this change, we have decided to change the way Leadership Interventions have been driven for years. Our “Inside-Out” approach to leader development is at the core of this approach, where we leverage a mix of Traditional Tools like classroom training and couple them with more Transformational Tools like “Breakthrough Labs” (T-Group driven), Sustained Coaching and building strong internal coaching/ mentoring programs.

TransforME offers Leadership Development Solutions in two formats, depending on the client’s needs and readiness: 1. Event based trainings on aspects of Leadership 2. Long term sustained Leadership Development interventions

While our event based trainings work for specific areas that you may be looking at addressing for your leadership team, our long terms sustained interventions like our BLP (Breakthrough Leadership Program) provide a more integrated and sustained enablement to drive leadership transformation.

Our long term interventions are sustained over a period of time, with multiple touchpoints, limited time away from work and are geared towards reducing the leaders’ and the organization’s dependency on external factors. This means that when your leaders are enrolled for a TransforME leadership intervention they invest less time away from work and receive support through multiple touchpoints through a multi-dimensional framework – at their convenience.

Our sustained Leadership Development Interventions are designed to run over a 9-12 month period and enable leaders to move from Discovery Awareness Experimenting Unleashing.

As an example, below are the actual results of a Pre and Post Competency based survey that was conducted for a Leadership Intervention that we did for one of our clients.

Interpersonal Skills Training

Take a moment to think about the challenges of your job. What causes you more stress; the knowledge and ability that it takes to do your work OR the challenges of interacting, communicating, influencing others and managing stakeholders at work?

Today technical competence is the minimum expectation customers and co-workers have of each other. You will be a more effective leader, manager, or team member when you learn to master some key interpersonal skills.

Our workshops in this area are facilitated with an intent to enable people to walk away with “real”, “implementable” actions, rather than just theoretical concepts and awareness.

We achieve this by applying our “Inside-Out” Approach to each such intervention. This unique approach, inspired by T-group work and Cognitive Behavior Therapy techniques helps people identify the root cause of their unproductive/ unhelpful behaviors and enables them to make true behavioral shifts – to make change happen – that lasts.

And finally our Experiential Learning Methodology of – “Experience – Analyze – Apply - Reflect” drives focus on the participants experience and on “learning by doing”.

The results are evident with 100% of our work coming through word-of-mouth references and as quoted by one of our participants –

“Outstanding Experience!! That I believe sums up my opinion of TransforME’s two conducts of "Influencing without Authority" trainings for my team. They spent time in understanding my requirements, were very open to customize, were engaging in delivery willing to digress and provide additional knowledge to cater to the needs of the group. TransforME’s simulations make the room alive and the trainer was great at making people uncomfortable..which leads to learning. I would be coming back to you TransforME and absolutely highly recommend your sessions”

Coaching - Life & Leadership

"I cannot Teach anybody anything, I can only make them Think." -- Socrates

We understand that challenges experienced by an individual can only be resolved at the level beneath that at which they manifest. For this reason our approach focuses on in-depth personal awareness and transformation.

Through our coaching methodology that includes powerful questioning, awareness conversations and intuitive/ purposeful listening, our clients are empowered to go through a self-discovery process. It paves the way for more effective decision making in both the client’s personal life and to create higher levels of leadership readiness and organisational effectiveness.

At TransforME, we leverage Coaching as a tool extensively in conjunction with other interventions around Breakthrough Leadership Labs, Creating an internal coaching framework, HiPo Development programs, Interpersonal Effectiveness, etc. We also facilitate Coaching as a stand-alone intervention for high potential executives and individuals.

"In a recent study, training alone improved leadership skills by 22%. When combined with Executive Coaching, improvement jumps to 77%." - Fortune