Balancing Flexibility & Discipline

Thoughts from my morning run….One key to personal satisfaction, happiness and results that I have discovered is the “Art of Balancing Flexibility with Discipline”.
Discipline in WHAT you do — your goals, your targets, pushing yourself, removing distractions, focusing on completion, moving forward….
Flexibility in HOW you go about doing it — change your patterns, embrace a newer approach, find another path, innovate, take risks ….
The challenge is to strike the right balance. Imagine being Flexible with your goals, targets, completion etc…and being Disciplined (Rigid) about your ways of doing it, your approach, methodology…
To me the balance is not about doing the same thing everyday, in the same way, at the same time. But its about being disciplined about what you want to achieve, being consistent and disciplined in your efforts – — but having the ability to look at different possibilities, better ways of achieving the results.
An example to help illustrate this is connected to my Morning run regime. I like to be disciplined about going for my run daily, disciplined about running my 5k daily and disciplined about going in the morning…However, I like to stay flexible with WHERE and HOW I do my 5k, flexible about exploring a new path (this helps be break my set pattern – and its wonderful how much impact this can have on our ability to take other risks).
From a work context, as a facilitator my biggest learning continues to be in learning to balance between Structure and the vale of free flow sessions. Here too, I am learning that as long as I am disciplined about the outcome that my client and the participants want — I am more effective when I am flexible with my approach and method of achieving it. Flexibility in this case is about being connected with the group, experiencing them in the moment and doing what is necessary and helpful in that moment – even if that isn’t in the plan. Just because I

have a 27 slide presentation doesn’t mean I need to go through it the way I made it or even show all of them or maybe any of them!
So, I guess we need to really explore what aspects of our lives/ work we need to be Disciplined about and try and take risks & different ways (break patterns) to Flexibly achieve our goals.
My learning continues…


Author: Gatik Chaujer, Managing Director, TransforME