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A window to creating awareness

To be honest writing is something I dread! If there was anything on my procrastination list that I would happily keep for a long time, it would be this. Little did I know that this “dread” would be a key component when I enrolled for my advanced Life Coach certification course! I had heard about […]

How do I design my “true” goal?

Along my coaching journey, I realized the importance of setting a “true” goal versus the “right” goal at an early stage of a coaching engagement. In my professional coaching assignments, I start with understanding the organization’s (i.e., sponsor’s) overall goal and then move on to the individual’s goal. I insist on co-creating it with the […]

Balancing Flexibility & Discipline

Thoughts from my morning run….One key to personal satisfaction, happiness and results that I have discovered is the “Art of Balancing Flexibility with Discipline”. Discipline in WHAT you do — your goals, your targets, pushing yourself, removing distractions, focusing on completion, moving forward…. Flexibility in HOW you go about doing it — change your patterns, […]

Are you meant to be a good Mentee?

I am convinced that I have been blessed to have wonderful mentors throughout my career span of 16 years, who have been instrumental in enabling me in multiple ways. I am equally convinced about the fact that there are some things that I may have done right to be able to “get” my mentors. I […]

Leadership Development – A Need for a Paradigm Shift

Over the last decade or so, economic developments in India have put the focus on how to prepare leaders to manage in our growing economy. Based on a recent India Leadership Forecast study done by DDI, the primary business priorities for organizations in India, according to their top executives, are growth and leveraging their talent. […]

Differentiate between friends and enemies at work

I have a lot of friends who work for multinationals. Since I am a consultant, I enjoy talking to them about their achievements, success stories and challenges. Today I want to talk about one of the most common challenge that troubles most of them. Im sure you would have heard this statements often – “I […]