Breakthrough Leadership Program

Our Philosophy


To address the leadership challenges of today, we need a way to help leaders deal with the changing landscape and their realities. Our “Inside-Out” approach to leader development is at the core of this approach, where we leverage a mix of Traditional Tools like classroom training and couple them with more Transformational Tools like “Breakthrough Labs” (T-Group driven), Sustained Coaching and building strong internal coaching/ mentoring programs.

Our sustained Leadership Development Interventions are designed to run over a 9-12 month period and enable leaders to move from Discovery → Awareness → Experimenting → Unleashing.

The Breakthrough Leadership Model


Our Breakthrough Leadership Program (BLP) is a sustained learning intervention, spread over a period of time (9-12 months) which ensures that learning translates into application, in a guided, steady manner.

The BLP integrates a few highly transformational methodologies, which we have gained mastery over, to enable the leaders to work through their personal opportunities and organizational/ role demands through a guided discovery and active experimentation approach. This means that each individual leader’s development path could be unique and our process and team, works with the group and with individuals to enable them to meet their learning goals.

The BLP is sustained over a period of time, with multiple touch points, limited time away from work and are geared towards reducing the leaders’ and the organization’s dependency on external factors. This means that when your leaders are enrolled for a TransforME leadership intervention they invest less time away from work and receive support through multiple touchpoints through a multi-dimensional framework – at their convenience.

The T-Group methodology is TransforME’s key methodologies – which enables the participants to experience and explore their true barriers and experiment with options to change their behaviours.

TransforME’s senior facilitators have rich credentials, deep expertise and vast experience in facilitating t-group based interventions.

The Review and Measurement Mechanism

Since the Breakthrough Leadership Program (BLP) is a long-term intervention for an identified group of leaders, TransforME adopts a frequent review and tracking process, which helps the key sponsors track progress of the nominated leaders.
The focus of the Review and Measurement is based on the learning objectives of the intervention mutually worked on by TransforME and the client before the intervention starts. The learning objectives emerge from:
1. BLP 360 Feedback for each individual – this helps us create the group learning agenda and individual learning agenda for the coaching sessions; OR
2. Leadership competencies identified by the organization; OR
3. A mix of both the points above

Our measurement and review process is a mix of the following, based on the learning objectives:
1. Pre & Post BLP 360
While doing a BLP 360 as a pre-cursor to the BLP is critical, we recommend doing a post intervention BLP 360 as well. This gives us real time data relative to how much the leader has progressed on the specific areas of opportunities, as identified by different stakeholders.
2. Mid Term Supervisor and Self Review
As a mid-course checkpoint, one of the measurement tools is to conduct a self-level and supervisor based assessment. This is usually done in the form of a survey and helps the sponsors get some actual measurable metrics to see how much the needle has moved – both from a self level and from the supervisor’s perspective. This step also helps address alignment or calibration issues between leaders and their supervisors, relative to expectations.
3. Sponsor Review/ Strategic Talent Review
As a general practice, we strongly recommend a monthly/ quarterly Sponsor review where we share the progress of each individual without getting into the details of the coaching sessions/ lab discussions. This is a critical meeting for the Sponsors to stay aligned with the progress and also to get insights to what role they could play or what they could enable to fast-track an individual’s or group’s learning journey.

An Example

Below are the actual results of a Supervisor review assessment that was conducted for a Leadership Intervention that we did for one of our clients.